How do we deal with impulsive purchases?

How do we deal with impulsive purchases?

Impulsive purchases are one of the biggest enemies of saving as well the instant payday loans. And especially in the shopping season when our ads are attacking everywhere, and traders are fighting everywhere to get our attention. Including huge discounts on black Friday, cyber Mondays and Christmas promotions. What should we do?

Questions for postponement

Whenever you want to buy something, ask yourself, is this right now? If the answer does not imply that you have toImage of question mark buy immediately, postpone – one day, one week, even a month. If you have not changed your mind after this period, you can already afford your purchase.

Other issues that may postpone or even cancel the purchase are: Does the purchase match my life goals? Will it make my life easier in any way? Will I feel better and will I regret it after time?


The rule 10/10/10/10

Image of Number 10This rule is useful when you face a great reduction and the “deal of the year”. In such circumstances, postponement may not work because it is clear that after a day, a week or a month, the price will no longer be the same. So ask yourself the question: What will be the meaning of this purchase in ten minutes? And ten days later? Ten months later? Ten years? Your brain may “land” and realize how in ten minutes the euphoria will disappear and you will only have some money back in the budget. Or see how the object will collect dust for the remaining unnecessarily bought after ten days. Or you might imagine, if you save those 20 pounds (for example) and set aside every month, after 10 months you will have 200 pounds forward. And you will be able to buy something more expensive that you really need, and the money is not enough for you. The more expensive the purchase in question at this time, the more money would be formed at the end of the period.

“Flush” your brain

Only in the useful sense of the word. Repeat positive affirmations for yourself, such as:

“I shop wisely and spend just what I need.” “I’m doing fine with my savings goals.” “I value the money I have made with my own labor.”

If you believe you are the person you want to be (and he does not spend impulsively and unreasonably), it will be much easier for you to really be one.

Do not talk about yourself in the future, feel it now.

Lists, lists, lists

Make your shopping lists. List of food products. A list of necessary clothing. Equipment list. List of necessary goods Image of listfor home and household. Purchase list for the child. List of gifts for holidays, birthdays, etc. List of dreams for holidays. Obviously, you can not make all of these lists and run them all at once. So every time you want to leave your shopping list at the grocery store, remember that you also have lists of more expensive and important acquisitions and plans. And any savings leu can be redirected to them.

If you are thinking about the question: “What to spend for and for what not?” read this post.

Advantages and disadvantages of Online Shopping

Advantages and disadvantages of Online Shopping

With the development of new technologies, we are all witnessing the rapid development of online marketing. Nowadays, internet shopping is becoming more and more attractive. Because not only is the choice bigger, but also because it is easier for a person to get advice and advice from other customers of a particular company or fans of a particular brand. Most of the young people are at “you” not only with the new technological gadgets. They know very well when, where and what to look for. And at the best price possible.

Is it worth shopping from an online store?

Like anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages in online marketing as well.

Advantages of Online Shopping:


  • You do not have to go shopping and spend time, spend money on gasoline, queue to look for an original gift for
    Image of "Like"


    a friend or a close person.

  • You just sit on your slippers warmly at home and walk around the world – in the literal sense of the word / why not, we are on the cozy home sofa. And for half or one, maybe more hours, you discover the most original thing your friend only dreamed of – at a ridiculous price, even with a free delivery from far China. Or from London. Probably from the United States, maybe from Singapore or Thailand … We can list a lot.

Fast and profitable.

  • Just a few clicks of the mouse in front of the computer at home, you can see and compare prices for different merchants. And make your choice from where to order. Phones, gadgets, jewellery, clothes, shoes, accessories, … and everything is at the perfect price with the perfect delivery conditions.

Easy and convenient

  • You do not wonder what dinner to cook when your friends have surprised you with an unforeseen visit. Just open one of your favorite food delivery sites to address and order. As you clarify politics and share your football anxieties, your door will ring and the freshly prepared, fragrant scent will be in your hands. It only remains to serve. And continue with analyzes of world events or family matters.


Unexpected purchases.

  • Attracted by the rich choice, the good prices and the perfect delivery conditions, we go deeper into our otherwise limited bank account or credit card. And we are lightening a lot, almost imperceptibly, getting garments, shoes, jewels or appliances that are not among our priorities.

Delayed deliveries.

  • We get the goods, but with a long delay and the important event for which it was intended has long ago been in
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    our past.

Difference with our expectations

  • We get the goods in time, but the color and fabric of the garment are not exactly the ones we have seen and liked in the pictures of our monitor. Or the measure of the garment or the shoes does not fit the dimensions we are used to, and we know they are getting us.
  • Therefore, it is especially important to be careful when shopping online.

Despite the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping, if you need quick money, you can always rely on payday loans online same day.

Do you know what to be careful when shopping online? This article will help you.

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