Top 2 cleaning time-wasters and how to eliminate them?

If I ask you to tell me frankly, why you don’t like cleaning, why you consider it as a boring and annoying duty, I am sure that most of you will say that it is because of the time you have to spend performing any kind of clean-up, because of that time you would spend jogging or walking in the park, having lunch in the downtown or shopping. And the fact that you have to choose cleaning instead of any other activity that brings you pleasure and pure bliss makes you hate it more and more with the time, with every Saturday afternoon not well spent. However, the truth is that the whole cleaning process is so time-wasting, because of you. Yeah, face it.

There are several scenarios and we have to admit that it is your fault in all of them. Firstly, perhaps you are a procrastinator, you always put off the dusting until there is so much dust in every surface that you have forgotten how it originally looked like. You procrastinate and then the condition gets worse and worse and by the time you start cleaning, it is a real nightmare. Another scenario includes your absent-mindedness. You start cleaning every weekend and then you stop for a coffee at 10am and a friend of yours calls you and invites for lunch a little bit later, so you cannot decline. Then just when you have come back, your favorite series start and you have to watch them for sure, so at the end your house is just as dirty as it was in the beginning. The worst scenario, however, is that, when you are performing everything correctly and strictly, but you just have cleaning techniques, which are time-wasters and no matter how hard you try, you need ages to make that place look nice.

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The rag

This is your favorite cleaning tool and you use it or every single surface. There is nothing wrong in this, but if you want to take care of the floor, you will need too much time doing it with a simple rag. So there are many other possible solutions you can use like the vacuum-cleaner or even simpler – the mop. And if you strive for greatness, for perfection, spend some more money on a microfiber mop and you will have magnificent looking hard-wood floors. Always look for an easier solution.

The wrong cleaning sequence

You are motivated and well-prepared so you are ready to spend the whole weekend cleaning so that you will have a nice, cozy and comfy home at the end. And here comes the most common cleaning mistake, which is a total time-waster. Each of the best London’s cleaners will advise you to do the vacuuming last. And isn’t it this what you are performing first? Yeah, it is. But while you are then dusting and windows washing, while you are changing the bed sheets and making the bed, the floor gets dirty again and when you start cleaning one more time, you lose precious time. And it hurts.

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