Kitchen back – how to refresh the kitchen

Kitchen back can become an original focus not only on the kitchen corner but also on the whole living room. Therefore, if you are going to furnish a kitchen or want to refresh the one that you have, start by thinking what the back of the kitchen is.

The kitchen is the place in the house that has the least change once it is furnished. The reason is that furniture is

Image of kitchen


usually custom-made and it is difficult to add, remove and move parts of the whole. That’s why the average housewife has to use the same kitchen for a decade or more. But even if everything in the kitchen is totally healthy (cabinets, appliances, etc.), every once in a while he has the craving for a little change and freshness in his dull kitchen. And it’s not necessarily a grand renovation and all your savings.

There are a few simple options for your kitchen to shine as brand new:

Just change the kitchen doors

The plus is that they will be completely new, which will create the illusion that your kitchen is brand new. In addition, you can change the look of the kitchen by choosing your new doors to be different in color, relief, and so on. An even cheaper and original solution is to paint them or stick with foil or even wallpaper.

Replace the kitchen counter

Image of kitchen plot

Kitchen plot

After the doors, this is the place that wears the most in a kitchen. Often the hob is used for a cutting board, a hot stove, a hammer, a kneading, and what not. Everything that over time ruins it. So changing it would cause a huge change in the look of your old kitchen.

Replace the kitchen back

Here you have a huge field of expression. It is easy to change and you can use all sorts of materials. It has almost entirely decorative purpose in a kitchen, so there is no need to consider the need for functionality.

What back to the kitchen to choose?

To be the kitchen back an accent, use bright colors, decorative tiles, embossed plaster, stones, photo wallpaper, veneers of untreated wood.

The bottom line is that this type of kitchen backing is easily dirty, and if you are a fan of cooking, you will need to spend time cleaning regularly. But you can use glass or plexiglas as a protective and easy-to-clean surface behind which is the decorative kitchen back. Another plus of this solution is that the kitchen back will look glossy, creating the feeling of luxury. To enhance this effect, add proper lighting, so your kitchen will literally shine.

If you are too busy and don’t have enough time to clean you can use professional cleaning services.

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