7 spring home accents

Spring is the season of warm sunshine, fresh air, radiant smiles and good mood. Load your home with spring inspiration using 7 spring accents in decor! Say Welcome to Spring at Home!

Colorful tree

Image of treeMake a colorful tree to feel the spring spirit at home. Collect a bouquet of twigs (possibly not too thick) or look for a branch with several branches. Arrange it in the vase so it stays firm (you may have to fill the vase with some “foundation” like decorative stones).

Decorate the spring tree in the way you like the most.

  • Option 1 – using colored ribbons (sold in meters in tailoring shops or in larger home-grocery hypermarkets).
  • Option 2 – using cut flowers from paper or origami. The more colorful, the better.
  • Option 3 – with toys like a Christmas tree, but there will be chicks, flowers, ladybirds and butterflies of fabric.

Spring lamp

Making a spring lapel is also the perfect “excuse” for renewing the old dull lamp. Choose a suitable cardboard and screw it in the shape of a cylinder (the dimensions depend on the lamp you have). Use patterned drawings with colorful butterflies or use stickers with spring motifs. Another option is to “draw” the elements using a needle, so when you turn on the lamp, they “danced” on the walls.

Spring “Exhibition”

It is never too late to decorate the walls in the living room with interesting paintings.

Take advantage of the springImage of vase with tulips inspiration and arrange a mini spring exhibition. To do this, you need to put 3 square frames to align horizontally over the sofa. What the selection will involve depends on you.

Some choose to have watercolor paintings of spring flowers inside. Others prefer to see the smiles of their own family from sunny days in the park. Others rely on positive and charging thoughts of great personalities. The more extravagant natures “fill” the frames with clippings of colored wallpaper or interior textiles.

For a good appetite

Spring mood must also be at the table. Craft your cases for your utensils. You need two rectangular pieces of cloth (possibly in pastel tones), one larger in length than the other. Secure them to one another by leaving the top open or partially sewn to have the place to place the utensils. For the case to be more interesting, stick to it an application, and the more skillful can embroider spring flowers on it.

Highlights in green

The green color is a trademark for the spring. It gives a fresh and refreshing look to every room, so boldly decorate Image of green roomwith it. You can paint only one wall in the color or use it as an accent in decorative elements – pillows, tablecloths, curtains, figures, vases.

“Half” curtain

Curtains that hide only half of the window are a total hit in the decor. Floral motifs, a light set and retro lace end up pointing to the vintage style and turn the curtain into a wonderful cocktail accent of the cozy cuisine. With the same success you can also use it instead of a door on a kitchen cupboard or a bathroom cabinet where you hold towels and cosmetics.

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