Guest blogging: the purest form of marketing online

It was said that guest blogging is dead, but that is ridiculous. Not only it is not dead today, but it’s more alive than ever, growing and gaining more power, extending its reach.Blog_(1)

The main attack against the guest blogging is that it is spammy. In fact the real guest blogging which is done by real, serious marketing companies offers only high quality and has nothing to do with a guest blogger who poorly writes an article for the links only. And here is the main difference we all have to be aware of. Yes, there are some people who want to use guest blogging with articles far below the average ones only so that they can gain more traffic and, yes, there are other companies that offer SEO and that use guest blogging as a marketing tool perfectly. It was even said that “guest posting on other site is five times as valuable as creating new content on your own site”.

The first and the most relevant part of all is, of course, the content. The articles have to be original and that is why if you choose a team like SMYK, you won’t even have to write an article, they will do it instead, guaranteeing that it will be 100% original. The quality of the content makes guest blogging a SEO and marketing tool, because if the article is not well-written and you rely on the links only, the result would be completely unsatisfying. The good guest blogging text actually answers the questions of the people, questions they typically ask Google for and when this same text gives them the answers they were looking for and some links as well, they are contented and happy. If the article you offer is beneficial both for the readers and your business, there is nothing more you may want. And as the articles should be unique and original their author has to be a real person. That is why every blog has to have its real writer and it would be even better if that person has a social account as well, because that is what makes people trust you.

And now let’s focus on the links. They have to be natural and relevant. So if you have a fashion blog, you cannot post a guest article about real estate, for instance. Therefore some marketing companies offer different blogs specialized in different fields. The links of high-quality provide better positions in the searching tools and expending the reach, you will not only get more traffic, but you will attract more audience, and that is what seriously matters.

And last but not least comes the whole appearance of the blog – it has to have the appropriate design and to look nice, to have a different hosting with different C class IP address. The domain authority of the blog has to be on a high level as well (DA>25). And companies like SMYK can offer you indeed all of these, you can be sure that they will spread out the articles in the social networks and you will receive exactly what you wanted – the purest form of marketing online.